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Drifting with Giorgio Maggi

Exciting racing action on ice and snow with Giorgio at the Seelisberg Event Center. Around 30 invited guests, partners and sponsors were given a unique opportunity to improve their racing skills on frozen ground.

Five racing karts and around a dozen quads were put at the group’s disposal. Having donned protective clothing, all participants received close instruction from Giorgio and the other instructors. Then the fun began, as the invited guests tried out their drifting prowess on two circuits that had been specially staked out. Some of them soon found out just how easy it was to slide and spin off momentarily while racing around the tracks.

The climax of the action out on the circuit was when Giorgio himself drifted around the track in a racing taxi, as the others watched on. The 18-year-old needed nerves of steel, as he went the extra mile to put on an impressive demonstration of his skill.

A pleasant evening then followed the adrenaline shots. While enjoying a finger food buffet, guests were able to admire Giorgio’s championship trophies from the Asian Le Mans Series and take selfies with the great young Swiss racing driver.

Then came the best bit. Giorgio briefly reviewed his motor racing career and then looked ahead to the 2016 season. He announced his signing by Race Performance to the European Le Mans Series to loud applause from those present. Giorgio gave guests a perceptive insight into what taking part in the first tests was like and set out his main objective, to win the title in the LMP3 class.

The evening concluded with dinner and interesting chats afterwards, as Giorgio went around in person to explain to guests in detail the features of his future racing car and describe his experiences in the Asian Le Mans series.

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