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Giorgio Maggi actively involved with ‘Stiftung für Kinder in der Schweiz’

Demonstrating speed and commitment in the limelight of the circuit while giving care and support behind the scenes, Giorgio Maggi travels the world with the European and Asian Le Mans series and is successful. He enjoys giving something back in the small amount of free time that he has at home, which is why he has been an ambassador for the ‘Stiftung für Kinder in der Schweiz’ (Swiss Children’s Foundation) for more than three years now, involving himself in charity events and special projects.

“I’m privileged to be able to make my dreams come true in motor racing and enjoy giving something back,” said Giorgio. “Whether it’s by assisting with organisation or by getting directly involved – I like to help wherever I can and do it willingly. It’s wonderful to make children smile and share a little bit of the happiness that’s been given to me.”

Since 2002, the ‘Stiftung für Kinder in der Schweiz’ has sought on a long-term basis to improve the lot of children suffering social deprivation. Apart from its many other fields of endeavour, that includes giving financial assistance to Swiss children and teenagers, paying for therapies and tuition and also for legal aid and social counselling centres.

“I personally want to raise the profile of this foundation. Through my media presence as a racing driver, I’m well placed to draw attention to the needs of more than 300,000 children living in social deprivation in Switzerland,” said Maggi. “Giving everyone a carefree and happy childhood isn’t easy, but changing or improving just one person’s life is an important step towards reaching that goal.”

Maggi contested his first season in the European Le Mans Series during the 2016 season. He achieved consistently good results in the LMP3 class with his team, Race Performance, and is now off on his next adventure with a move up into the LMP2 category of the Asian Le Mans series to contest the 2016/17 season. The 18-year-old secured his biggest success in motor racing to date last year in the series by becoming CN class champion at his first attempt.

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