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Giorgio guests at Auto Zürich

Auto Zurich, the biggest car show in German-speaking Switzerland, took place at the Zurich Messe from 29th October until 1st November, 2015. Motor racing played an important role as well as the advanced technology, amazing tuning equipment and exciting competitions that were featured.

Giorgio Maggi was among the guests at Auto Zurich. Giorgio talked about his experiences in the ADAC Formula 4 and about his forthcoming adventure in the Asian Le Mans Series during an interview session with Swiss young talents.

“It was just great to address such a keen audience, real petrol-heads,” said Giorgio after his appearance.” People were obviously extremely interested in my start in the Asian Le Mans series. When all said and done, there are also some big names like Dirk Müller, Pierre Kaffer and Rob Bell in the line-up.”

After the interviews, though, the pen and not the car got an outing in the autograph-signing session that was next on the agenda. Armed with a biro and plenty of autograph cards, Giorgio signed his signature and had his picture taken with fans. “There is, of course, nothing like driving and scrapping out on track, but then, seeing the fans who are so enthusiastic about me and my sport comes a close second,” said the delighted Swiss teenager.

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